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I wanted to achieve the maximum openness of the government authorities, so that every Kievan knew that he/she can always address the Mayor in case of any problem!

Since taking the office of mayor, I always tried to establish a dialogue with the Kievans who had a lot of problems and needed extra assistance to cope with these problems in most cases, and the city authorities should have done everything they could to solve them.

At different times, its presenters were Nikita Belskiy, Dmitriy Dzhangirov, Olga Sumskaya, Aleksander Kolodiy.

The program consisted of several parts: First of all, I reported on the issues or requests that I had received in the previous program. Then I and the presenter were engaged in a dialogue: we discussed topical issues of life of the capital, the journalists frequently organized a live broadcast into the studio from Khreshchatyk where a vast number of Kievans gathered. All of them wanted to speak out or tell me about their problems, ask me the questions that concerned them. After that I returned the phone calls that were received in the studio. This hour flew by like a minute and its main task was to enable me to communicate with the largest possible number of people, to listen to their issues or requests.

It was very important, and it was a matter of principle for me, that this program never was a recorded broadcast – it was always in a live television broadcast!

Another important fact is yet to be noted: my deputies worked simultaneously with me during many airs: I answered the questions of the presenter and the Kievans in the studio, while my deputies answered the telephone calls in the call center. For example, anyone could ask my first deputy a question by calling the hotline number “15-51″ to tell us about his/her problem, ask anything that interested him/her.

I am proud that I initiated the program «Mayor’s Hour». The evidence of this can be proved by the fact that telerecordings of many of these programs are still freely available and anyone can watch them.

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