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Immediately after the "Best Home" was created, more than 300 people were ready to move in there, they personally phoned the Call Center 15-51 saying they wanted to get there.

On December 25, 2008, pursuant to the Decision of the Kiev City Council, a municipal enterprise “Best Home” was created.

According to its Charter, the goal of the enterprise was to provide social protection for those in difficult life circumstances and in need of assistance. The enterprise had to carry out procedural and institutional actions on the documentation of lifetime support of such persons, to conclude agreements on cooperation with municipal nursing homes. In accordance with the same Charter, the enterprise had the right to dispose of property of these persons which was transferred to it under the rental agreement.

I personally presented the project to create “The Best Home” in the debating chamber.

The main argument to create it for me was the fact that the elderly are very vulnerable, as lonely elderly people often suffer from the outlaws who want to gain possession of their property, their flats.

The idea was to give a person an opportunity to start a new life in a normal, comfortable environment. Moreover, it is important to insure a person from one of the worst evils of old age – loneliness. No one could feel lonely in such a place where people of the same age with similar interests could while away the time: to sing, to play chess, to just talk while in the open, in a word – to live!

It is important to emphasize once again the fact that the elderly could move to the “Best Home” on their own free will, while their apartments were still their property, because, above all things, it was important to me to ensure compliance with the law, and the law protects the right of property of any person until death.

In accordance with the agreement, the elderly would transfer 75% of their pension to the nursing home, and they received care and food in return. But it was their flats to become more significant source of funds, as it was planned to lease them.

The newly established enterprise “Best Home” was located on the basis of war and labor veterans geriatric home in Pushcha-Vodytsia. There were 2 two-storey residential buildings, an eating-house, a shed, a garage, and an office building, not to speak of the large area and fresh air.

The rooms had all the necessities of life – a bed, a nightstand, a desk, and a chair. Each boarder could decorate his/her own room to his/her liking – with a painting, or flowers, or photos of loved ones.

Immediately after the “Best Home” was created, more than 300 people were ready to move in there, they personally phoned the Call Center 15-51 saying they wanted to get there.

On December 28, 2010, Kiev City Council closed down the municipal enterprise “Best Home”. At the time of closing down, there were 13 people in it, who were to be resettled in other nursing homes.

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