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"It would seem to onlookers that people are just floating on air" - said the project designer, architect Valeriy Shevchenko.
Wasn't fulfilled due to technical reasons which arose at the nick of time

Initially it was planned to be installed in the Mariyinsky Park, but this idea had to be renounced because of the threat of landslides. The places which were alternatively considered included the Postal Square or Staronavodnytsky Park, near Askold’s Grave and near the Friendship of Nations Arch.

The order on the construction was signed and the investor was found.

Housing and public utility sector company “Kievzelenstroy” was to become the contractor of activities on the installation and operation of the structure designed for the viewing of the urban landscape.

We also considered the idea to create a tourist cable car network over the capital. The sketch was ready.

It was planned that four cable ways would run from the 250-meter tower in the Cross Park to the cabin reception stations, which were to be located on St. Volodymyr’s Hill, European Square, in Mariyinsky Park and on the Left Bank. The project provided for the movement of transparent cabins designed for 24 people each. The fiberglass cables were also planned to be made transparent; the cabins would move along these cable ways at a speed of 4 m/s.

The first stop on the route of the cable way was planned to be the European Square, then St. Volodymyr’s Hill, Mariyinsky Park and Trukhanov Island. The tower itself could accommodate a restaurant and an observation deck at the top, and a cultural centre at the bottom.

The cost of the project was about 200 million US dollars, but we planned to find investors who would pay for the construction and subsequently would charge a fee for the services. As for us, we would regulate the price so that it remained affordable to the Kievans.

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