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I began to receive callers as a deputy of the Supreme Council near the plant “Vulkan” in Kiev as early as in 1998.

On May 13, 2006, at 13:00, I held my first personal reception of citizens at the walls of the City Hall…

Originally people came to me from Kiev, and subsequently they started coming from all over Ukraine.


The know-how was that I totally refused the idea of personal reception, face to face, because it is a purely “Soviet-style” version of reception.

Secondly, these personal receptions (during which I have consulted probably a few hundred thousand people) revealed to me that nothing should be private, e.g. if there is a disease, you may omit its name, well, this is a version of personal communication, then give me the information about what this man or person who’s asking something is ill with. And as a human being I do not believe that severe stage of tuberculosis or venereal disease are somewhat different from heart disease or something else in terms of importance of addressing this issue.

People trusted me! But when such techniques are used by young people and people of my age (I was 55 years old back then), you can feel the difference, of course.

Besides, the idea is when a public person fighting the election meets a vast number of people in front of the television cameras, these people are sensible of responsibility, they talk less, they realize they’re not alone in this world with their problems, and that their problems are often less significant compared with those of others, and that’s when their conscience comes into action.

At that time, I read a book one of the most successful and great mayors in the world – New York City Mayor. He said that he had completely abandoned having personal receptions as they required much time and emotional stress and they are not safe for others, because under the influence of emotions – since many people emit very powerful emotions – you can make a decision to the injury of others. I believed (and I still believe) that it was possible to collect a large number of people to address the same issue, and eventually I wanted to switch myself and my deputies over to such mode of organization of personal receptions of citizens.

I saw the people, I saw their eyes, I assessed their condition – I grasped everything and tried to take the process of solution of every problem under my personal control.

But in general, it should be business-like, because of a million applicants for the remaining days of my life, if we follow the idea of receiving “one on one”, I at bestwould have been able to meet with 1-2 thousand people during a year, but I wanted to see every and each of them!

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