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I realized and always kept saying that 90% of cabs driving in Kiev fail to meet any standards, and it is a problem of great concern!

A very important task in preparation of Kiev for Euro 2012 was to provide the visitors of our city with modern and high-quality transport services, taxi in particular.

90% of cabs driving in Kiev fail to meet any standards, and it is a problem of great concern.

In March 2009, a working group was created pursuant to my order to implement the program “Municipal Taxi” in Kiev. The first Deputy Head of the Kiev City State Administration at the time – Evgeniy Chervonenko was appointed as its head.

We involved the representatives of trade union organizations and active market operators in the development of this program.

Municipal taxi was to have a unified number plate that was to be developed by the Administration and agreed with the Department of Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. This number plate was planned to be provided to the carrier according to the previously concluded agreement, and most importantly – after the candidate for municipal taxi driver took transparent and fair exams on knowledge of traffic rules.

In the future, we planned to select one color code for all municipal taxi-cabs and to introduce a lot of other supplementary services to customers such as “Lost and Found”, Hot Line, etc.

It is important that this program was also intended to deal with private cab drivers who could not provide a decent customer service level. All “Municipal Taxi” cars had to be equipped with GPS navigators and counters.

For me it was very important not only to create a new taxi service, but also to come into contact with the existing competitors, to start a dialogue with the businessmen of the transport sector as a whole.

I did everything I could to provide the best city with the best transportation.

In February 2009, I met with the representatives of the transport sector, including cabbing companies, and offered them to cooperate in the first place. Metropolitan regional government represented by me was concerned about the provision of high-quality services to Kievans.

This program and its development ceased in 2010.

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