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In December 2008, the proceeds from such a lunch amounted to about 800 thousand US dollars, and this money went to the development of social programs.

In late 2008 I decided to adopt the experience of American politicians and arrange paid lunches with the businessmen. All the presidents of the United States make a practice of such public meetings with the representatives of business aimed at filling the national budget, but it was the know-how for Ukraine and for Kiev.

In addition, having such lunches helped fighting against corruption: if you want the job done quickly – please pay to the budget the amount which is lesser than the amount of bribe, and breathe freely.

Anyone could have a lunch with the other head of the Kiev City State Administration: with the then First Deputy Mayors Denis Bass, Anatoliy Golubchenko or Irena Kilchitskaya for 10 thousand US dollars, with Deputy Ludmila Denysiuk – for 7 thousand US dollars, with the heads of the Chief Directorates – for 5 thousand US dollars.

Thus, on December, 25, Anatoliy Golubchenko had a dinner with the businessmen of our capital in the restaurant “Porto Maltese”. Each of the guests paid 9,500 US dollars for the meeting. As a result, Golubchenko managed to raise 57 thousand US dollars. Not a single kopeck was spent from the city budget for that dinner party.

“The restaurant has kindly offered us its services for free, given the social orientation of the event and further application of proceeds.”

In addition, Aleksander Lutskiy held a meeting with 10 businessmen who donated about 70 thousand US dollars to charity.

However, it was decided to suspend this initiative in February 2009.

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