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These discussions were open, where different parties could express their opinions, and the Kievans took certain decisions themselves.


In an interview with one of the Ukrainian print media, I said that I consider myself a successful mayor. And I believe public hearings to be one of my achievements.

I signed a decree on holding public hearings in Kiev immediately after taking office of the mayor and the head of the Kiev City State Administration, in just a few months after that – on July 3, 2006.

The organizer of the public hearings was the Chief Directorate of internal policy of the Kiev City State Administration. Its managers and employees were held responsible for the selection and generalization of topics for public hearings, defined the purpose, time, location, categories of participants who must have been present, prepared the informational materials on the issues discussed, and the draft proposals on the results of the hearings.

In the municipal media, on the web portal of the Kiev City State Administration, one could always find the information about the schedule and topics of public hearings for the next month to inform the largest possible number of citizens of their holding, to invite them to participate in them.

 As a matter of fact, not only the Kievans and the representatives of the Kiev City State Administration were invited to participate in the public hearings, but also the deputies of the Kiev City Council and the deputies of the district councils in Kiev and heads of regional administrations, the representatives of community councils, political parties and community-based organisations, journalists, heads of the enterprises and organizations whose activities were related to the issues discussed, academic figures and experts.

I held the public hearings on the most then pressing and urgent issues of life of the capital such as prevention of manifestation of corruption in general educational institutions of the capital, bring to rights the metro stations retail outlets, bread prices, introduction of the target luxuries tax, housing offices activity, operation of the metropolitan ambulance, housing and public utilities tariffs, and many other important topics.

I didn’t only initiate the public hearings in the City Hall, at the municipal level (usually they were held in the Hall of Columns); I also wanted the public hearings to be held in every district and microdistrict of Kiev, so that even at this level the people could express their opinions, protect their interests, get their requests and suggestions across to the city authorities. The main purpose of such local public hearings would be to let the Kievans know that the city authorities were willing and able to hear them.


Particular attention of such local public hearings was planned to be focused on the problems associated with unsanitary conditions in places of storage of household waste and its irregular removal, lack of security locks on the front doors of the entrances, proper lighting, operation of elevators, the state of children’s playgrounds, etc.

Besides, during such meetings I asked the Kievans to speak out on such issues as prevention of road congestions, methods to combat unscrupulous car owners who were used to put their vehicles on lawns and in other prohibited places. We also asked them to assist to identify the roads in emergency condition, illegal construction sites and other problems that troubled people and disturbed a comfortable life of the residents of the capital.

Our capital is destined to set an example of the straightforward and constructive dialogue between the state authorities and the citizens to the whole country. And I am proud that we have shown an example of such a dialogue to the whole Ukraine when we held public hearings at all levels – from the microdistrict public hearings to the municipal public hearings.

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