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At the event of unveiling the monument I emphasized the fact that Georgiy Gongadze will always be alive in the hearts of true patriots and will symbolize the Ukrainian independence.

On December 22, 2008, I solemnly unveiled this monument.

It was fixed up in a park on 115-121 Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. The monuments is a granite pedestal on which a deemed “tree of life” stands with the opening in the middle in the form of a nib. A young man in a long coat stands infront, but his traits are not similar to those of Gongadze. According to one of the sculptors of the monument Yuriy Kozeratskiy, the idea of the monument was to create a generalized character of a decisive, straightforward person whose beliefs cannot be changed. He also noted that when the sculptors created the figure of the journalist, they were guided by the portrait of Gongadze, but they didn’t set the goal to achieve a complete facial similarity.

The tree which is 7 metres high, and the man’s figure which is 3 metres high were made of bronze. The total height of the monument with a pedestal is 8.5 metres.

After this monument was unveiled I decided to take the initiative and invited the Kiev newlyweds to visit this monument on their wedding day and include such visit in their wedding programs.

I handed gifts – photo cameras – to all newlyweds who came to this place every Saturday, and offered them a free ride in my personal Rolls-Royce.

I tried to personally come there every Saturday for handing gifts, and had group photos with myself and the newlyweds taken; together we laid flowers at the monument.

I was pleased to see the beautiful couples who were supposed to give Kiev beautiful children and grandchildren. I gave them symbolic gifts, but the main thing was that I gave them my soul, heart and love.

But when I congratulated the happy newlyweds, it was important to me to turn their attention to the importance of preserving the memory of the outstanding journalist who gave his life so that the Ukrainians could have the freedom of speech and a free state; I hope I was good at doing that.

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