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When we opened this clinic, we planned that it would serve and advise not only the Kievans, but also the people from all over Ukraine, as well as foreign nationals.

Clinical Hospital “Kiev City Heart Disease Centre”, one of a kind in Ukraine, was opened in December 2007.

As the Heart Disease Centre was fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with highly-skilled professionals – it can rightly be called one of Europe’s most up-to-date health centers.

If we talk about the facilities of the clinic, the Heart Disease Centre in Kiev allowed to annually have about six thousand surgical operations and provide advice to nearly 20 thousand citizens. The Centre’s capabilities include 150 beds for patients, including 110 beds for adult patients (two cardiology and cardiosurgery treatment sections) and 40 beds for children.

In addition, the following facilities were subsequently opened in the Heart Disease Centre:

  1. Advisory polyclinic for adults and children with department of functional diagnostics;
  2. Surgery block consisting of five operation rooms;
  3. Clinicodiagnostic laboratory;
  4. Resuscitation unit;
  5. Department of computer diagnostics,
  6. Helipad for the provision of emergency medical care in the future.

For the first time in Ukraine, the experts in the field of prevention of cardiac diseases and cardiac failures, diagnostics, therapy, surgery, anesthesiology and rehabilitation were brought together within the walls of a single clinic.

Due to the massive concentration of medical knowledge in the Heart Disease Centre, it became possible to treat neonatal heart failures, angina pectoris and hypertension, and successfully conduct surgical operations (coronary artery stenting, heart bypass surgery, valve replacement, minimally invasive cardiac surgery and heart transplantation).

The cost of construction and equipment of this Centre amounted to about 644 million hryvnias for the period of its opening. Provision was made for allocation of about 40 million hryvnias from the city budget each year for its maintenance.

I am proud that I had my hand in the creation, construction and commencement of work of this clinic.

I believe that all of Kiev hospitals and health centers should be exactly like it!

It was envisaged that the surgical operations will be free for the Kievans, a special municipal social programme was drawn up for that end. This problem was particularly acute for us and it required immediate solution, since about 10 thousand Kievans were in need of cardiac surgery at the time of opening of the Centre!

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