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A complex clockwork was presented to the city of Kiev from the administration of the sister city of Edinburgh.

The overall diameter of the clock is 19.5 m, and the diameter of the clock face is 16.5 m.

In 2009, on the eve of the Independence Day, August 23, we unveiled one of the biggest flower clocks in Europe and worldwide.

50 thousand flowers were used for floral decoration of the first design of this clock; half of them were used to form the background panel, while another half was used to form the flower clock itself. 400 tons of soil were brought to form the soil matrix under the clock. The sketch of the flower clock was developed based on the works of the people’s artist of Ukraine Leonid Andrievsky.

The soil matrix consists of 400 tons of soil;

50 thousand flowers;

sketch developed by L. Andrievsky.

To find the best place for the installation of such a clock, we organized a survey of citizens on the Internet portal of the Kiev City State Administration, but unfortunately, all of the places offered failed to meet the technical requirements to placing such a large structure. It was therefore decided to install the clock on a hillside on Instytutska Street near Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square.

Kiev is considered the greenest city in Europe for a reason.

Thus, since the installation of the clock our city obtained the outstanding point of interest. Furthermore, from early spring to late fall we had the opportunity to check the time “by flowers”.

Unfortunately, due to the negligence and irresponsible actions of some citizens, the unique clockwork suffered considerable damage as early as in 2 days after its formal opening. The people trampled on the clock, had themselves photographed against the background of it, and eventually bent the hands of the clock, thus the clockwork had to be taken away to have it restored. But the flowerbed in the form of the dial kept giving joy to all citizens of the capital.

The flowerbed clock had to be restored after a harsh winter of 2010. As a result, by May 9, one of the biggest flower clocks in the world was already showing the “Victory Time”, as the flower arrangement copied the famous Order of the Great Patriotic War – the “Order of Victory.”

The clock was renovated one more time by the Independence Day of 2010.

This time it was styled after folk vyshyvankas.

The flower clock is still running – it brings joy to the residents and guests of the capital, being the source of pride of the Ukrainian capital.

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