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The doctors of our capital welcomed this decision. Helicopters used as an ambulance is practiced worldwide!
Wasn't fulfilled due to the lack of adequate regulatory framework at the state level

In 2009, I decided to create a network of helipads within the city and set a task before the Chief Directorate of Emergency Situations to examine the possible places of their construction. We planned to make helicopters a full means of urban transportation. In the first stage they were to serve as a special-purpose transport, so to speak, so that the doctors and life-savers could quickly reach the locations of the victims of major accidents, fires and other disasters, as the helicopter can fly over the entire territory of Kiev in less than ten minutes.

The doctors of our capital welcomed this decision. The head physicians of the Kiev hospitals confirmed: “Helicopters are much needed in Kiev, as due to traffic jams much precious time is lost during which a human life can be saved!”

Helicopters used as an ambulance is practiced worldwide! Over 1,800 medical helicopters are used in the world today, owned by both commercial and non-commercial organizations. The major buyers of medical helicopters are the United States, Canada, and countries of the European Union. In Germany, for example, more than 70 medical helicopters are on-stream. They started using helicopters for transportation of injured and sick people in 1968. By 1978, 22 helipads for ambulance helicopters were built with a range of coverage of up to 50 km. And the United States is a leader in terms of the number of medical helicopters, as there are about 850 units there. The network of medical helicopters is organized in such a way that 79% of the total US population is within a 10-minute air zone for provision of assistance in 20 minutes, which easily allows them to comply with the “golden hour” rule when the victim is delivered to the health care institution in less than one hour after the accident, incursion of disease, or some other mishap.

In New York, the helicopter landing pads are placed atop of more than 300 buildings. There are more than twenty such places in Moscow.

17 sites for the construction of helipads were selected. We have submitted our proposals jointly with the Ministry of Transportation to the Cabinet of Ministers. 9 streets were approved back then; 2 to 3 helipads were to be constructed on some of these streets.

I am sure that the issue of further implementation of this initiative isabove alla matter of time, and it will be implemented sooner or later.

This is the experience of all developed countries and big cities, and I hope that Kiev will join them someday!

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