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State enterprise “Kievzelenstroy” got the right to carry out inspections and draw up reports on detected violations..

To improve parking system in the capital seems to be a major challenge, and many inhabitants in residential areas took liberty to leave their cars right in the green zones.

The Program “Preservation of green zones in Kiev. Taking photos of violators” was developed to solve this problem.

In 2008, the decision of the Kiev City Council No. 1051/1051 “On Regulations for beautification of the city of Kiev” entered into force. Pursuant to this decision, it was forbidden to stand a vehicle in such a manner as to pose threat to road safety, as well as to impede any maintenance works performed on roads, green space, buildings and structures located along the road.

In accordance with the decree of the Executive Committee of the Kiev City Council No. 1803 of 31.12.2008, the employees of the state enterprise “Kievzelenstroy” were appointed as the inspectors responsible for beautification of the capital and were granted the right to carry out inspections and draw up reports on any violations detected. Clause 3 of this document provided that in the absence of the driver who violated the norms the inspector took photo of his car and subsequently draw up a report of violation based on it.

To identify the violatorthe inspector had to send a request to the local traffic police department of the Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs in Kiev.

The reports and the photos to them were further submitted to the administrative commission at the Kiev City State Administration, and the Administrative Commission made decisions on recovery of penalties from the violators.

The second copy of the report with attached photos was submitted to the housing and public utility sector company “Kievzelenstroy” tofurther draw up a green zone damage report.


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