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I was very pleased to hand these prizes and gifts to Kievans, to the most conscientious Kievans who had been paying their housing and public utility bills on time, no matter what. It is worth mentioning that one could hardly find the rich among these people.

The most important thing for the coordinated work of all public utilities is timely funding and timely payment by people for the utilities they receive. That’s why I wanted to get people interested somehow so that they paid the utility bills timely. To this end, in 2008, adraw for gold bars was conducted among the most conscientious payers for utility services, those who always have been paying for services received in a timely manner.

The terms of the draw envisaged that within the period from August 2006 to the date of the draw, taking into account all available accrued payments, aparticipant of the draw must not have any arrears with payment for utility services.

There were about 94 thousand payers like that. A registration with the Call Center was necessary to participate in the draw. The prize drawing was usually held in the Column Hall of the Kiev City State Administration.

People could learn the results of the draw through municipal media, on the web portal of the Kiev City State Administration and on the web site of the municipal enterprise “Main Data Processing Centre”, also in case of a win the winner would receive most recent utility bill with the information of him or her winning the draw printed on such a bill.

We drew a lot of prizes among the participants apart from the gold bullions. Thus, for example, on August 27, 2008, during the next such event among the honest payers for utility services we drew the following prizes: 10 bank bullion bars of different weights (3 pcs weighing 5 g, 7 pcs weighing 2.5 g), 100 commemorative silver coins, 300 certificates that give the right to receive a guaranteed bonus from “Alfa-Bank”, 500 household water filters and 6 multifunctional devices (printer / scanner / copy machine).

During such activities I always sincerely thanked everyone and was grateful to each participant of the draw!

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