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Greetings to Students of the National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute

Dear students and faculty of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute!

I am honoured to congratulate one of the oldest and most famous universities in the world, which has built a well-deserved reputation of an intellectual centre, where many outstanding scientists revealed their talent.

Kiev Polytechnic Institute has always had an atmosphere of vigour and perseverance. I am very pleased that its students manage both to learn complex technical subjects and combine well study and active leisure. I myself used to be a teacher and I am aware of the issues that concern today’s young people. As Kiev’s mayor, I try to solve some urgent problems our students face. We have started social initiatives to support entrepreneurship, introduced various scholarships, subsidised public transport tickets, wellness programmes. We have a dialogue with the students, engaging them to suggest solutions to socio-economic problems of Kiev, we are also interested in offering employment opportunities at the Kiev City State Administration to talented students.

Dear students, I wish you to continue to move forward, to have an unflagging interest in life and science, new ideas, fame and career.

On behalf of the people of Kiev and myself, I thank the teachers of the Institute for augmenting the achievements and glory of our capital, for raising our young elite.

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