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Interview for GORDON.UA website: "I wasn't by my wife's side during her labour, I can't see people suffer, it's in my DNA"

The ex-mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetskiy spoke of his newborn son, as well as who should be the head of Kiev and when he plans to return to Ukraine.

Chernovetskiy: “I’ll come back as soon as it becomes possible” Photo: Sergey Krylatov / Gordonua.com

On January 3, 2014 the ex-mayor of Kiev, Leonid Chernovetskiy, 62, became a father for the third time. His wife Elena Savchuk, 43, gave birth to his son (height – 52 cm, weight – 3.55 kg). Born in Europe, the child was named Gavriil after Chernovetskiy’s grandfather.

Chernovetskiy told Gordonua.com about this special occasion in his family, and shared his thoughts about the situation in Ukraine.

“I wasn’t by my wife’s side during her labour, I can’t see people suffer, it’s in my DNA,” Mr. Chernovetskiy said.

Gavriil Chernovetskiy.

Height – 52 cm, weight – 3.55 kg.

Photo: private archive of Leonid Chernovetskiy

The former head of Kiev doesn’t think that a man who is past his prime should feel differently about having a baby (Chernovetskiy and his first wife Alina Aivazova have two children – Stepan, 35, and Christina, 34. Chernovetskiy also has seven grandchildren).

“I have no words to describe how I feel about the birth of Gavriil and this is totally different from how I felt when my first two children were born. When Stepan and Christina were kids, I was hands-on from the moment they were born till they reached 18. We hardly made both ends meet, and had nobody around to help us in bringing them up. And they were very active children. To be short, we faced all sorts of problems! Today money is not an issue for our family, we can afford a private doctor and a babysitter, and we can buy high quality things. Now and then everything is totally different, and it’s just impossible to compare the way I felt back then and the way I feel now. I can only say that I love each of my children,” Mr. Chernovetskiy said.

Elena and Leonid have been married for almost a year now. In short time the couple plans to move to Georgia, where they have their private villa to be completed soon.

“I fell in love with Georgia since the moment I first came to Tbilisi to ask for my fist wife’s hand. I love its people, nature, cuisine, traditions and the Georgian naiveté,” Mr. Chernovetskiy explained.

Chernovetskiy and his second wife Elena Savchuk. Photo: Sergey Krylatov / Gordonua.com

The former mayor is closely following the events in Ukraine and promised to return to the country “as soon as it becomes possible.”

“Thanks to new agreements signed with Russia, the Ukrainian economy will be fine. As for politics, I’m out of it. I think the new mayor will be somebody who is able to convince the people of Kiev in his or her integrity and desire to really improve their lives. Of course, this should be a person with an impeccable reputation. This is the kind of person they need. If there is no such person, then most likely some party protege will get the job. As for me, I’m going to come to Kiev as soon as it becomes possible,” Chernovetskiy said.

Mr. Chernovetskiy has been out of politics for more than three years now (on November 15, 2010 the President Viktor Yanukovych replaced Mr. Chernovetskiy with Alexander Popov as the Head of the Kiev City State Administration). Yet, Mr. Chernovetskiy’s name continues to appear in print and digital mass media. The ex-mayor gives a simple explanation for that: “What I think and what I do throughout my life – this is what sparks the interest. I’m different in all aspects.”

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