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Article from Metro-News newspaper, issue # 74 (108), October 7, 2013


Last year 200 people died in Ukraine from frostbite. Weather forecasters say we are in for another wave of even more fierce cold! Dear people of Kiev, if you and I are selfish, the upcoming winter will kill hundreds of homeless people!

Snow in October and the first frostbite victim in the Zhytomyr region should make us think how serious the problem of extremely cold weather really is, especially considering its dire consequences for the most vulnerable people – the elderly, children from large and low-income families, the homeless.

Social Partnership foundation, established and sponsored for many years by Leonid Chernovetskiy, became one of the first to provide help when people needed it most.

Over 1,000 Kiev residents have already responded to the call of the Foundation by donating things they no longer need. Thanks to them, more than 6,000 needy people (single pensioners, children from large families, single mothers and the homeless) got warm clothes. This laudable initiative gave rise to the charity program called “The People of Kiev Helping Each Other”.

Now, with the start of the cold snap, any person, who comes to the Foundation, along with a decent hot meal can get some warm clothes he or she needs, like jackets, sweaters, hats.

It seems like it’s no big deal, but sometimes a jacket and a hat can save a homeless person’s life.

Do not throw away items you don’t need! You may save someone’s life if donate them to the Foundation!

Call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 at:

+38 044 591 54 43 or +38 093 142 84 57

Foundation-website: http://socpartnerstvo.org/

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