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No Bad Habits at Central Streets

The Comprehensive City Programme to Combat Alcohol Abuse and Drug Trafficking in Kiev in 2009-2013, passed by the Kiev City Council on 19 July this year, is now awaiting Kiev mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy’s approval. According to the Programme, retailers will only be allowed to sell spirits before 10:00 pm, and the same rule will apply to bars and restaurants located on the first floors of residential buildings with regards to selling vodka and wine. Stores open around the clock and cafes that are not located in residential buildings, won’t sell liquor after 11:00 pm. This will not apply to beer, as it is not considered alcohol.

Yet there are plans to include beer in the list of prohibited drinks sold at the Khreshchatyk and adjacent streets (Mikhailovskaya, Besseynaya, Sofievskaya, Kostelnaya, Proreznaya and Shevchenko Lane). You will be able to order beer in cafes, but shops and kiosks will not be allowed to sell it at any time of the day. Near the city’s main street one will only be able to buy beer, vodka and wine before 11:00 pm in a supermarket or a specialised shop (Institutskaya, Gorodetskoho, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Streets and Shevchenko Boulevard).

Sales of all types of alcohol will be prohibited at beaches, stadiums, parks within 100 metres from schools, kindergartens, hospitals and clinics. The same will apply to open markets, bus stations, Internet cafes and bus stops.

The City Council adopted a resolution “On Measures to Regulate Smoking in Kiev” developed by medical professionals, in addition to a smoking prevention programme in Kiev in 2009-2012. To reduce the consumption of tobacco and alcoholic beverages by teenagers, on December 25, 2008 the City Council passed a resolution “On Regulating the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products by the City’s Retail Outlets”, prohibiting the sale of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol drinks, in a number of public places.

According to the Kiev City Health Centre, 90% of suicides in the world are caused by depression and various addictions. In Kiev, suicide and self-inflicted injury rates in 2008 more than doubled compared with 2004.

During a recent public opinion poll, 91% of students aged 15-16 said they drank alcoholic beverages at least once. 83% of boys and 85% (!) of girls drink alcohol on a regular basis. The most popular drinks among teenagers include beer, which is drunk by two out of every three high school students, as well as wine and champagne with their consumption rate over 40%. 25% of teens are regular smokers.

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