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Chernovetskiy celebrates his birthday in Barcelona


Birthday boy. Ex-mayor of Kiev got a nice tan in Spain.

Photo from a private archive

The ex-mayor gets a CrossFit book as a birthday gift

Yesterday, the ex-mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetskiy celebrated his 62nd birthday. The had his birthday party in Spain. “I’m celebrating in Barcelona, Spain,” the ex-mayor told Segodnya. “I am going there with my entire family to visit my son. We’ll have a nice big family dinner in a restaurant. I will narrate them my life stories (I have plenty of them). My eldest grandson – Lyonya Chernovetskiy – is taking after me: he’s got my face and my physique, but most importantly, he is just as curious about everything as I am. He’d love to know what kind of people his father and I were at his age. Yesterday, I spent the whole day recalling my past life… I have accomplished everything. The things I couldn’t even dream of. Fantastic! And it occurred to me that I don’t bear a grudge against anyone, I forgave everyone long time ago. I had too many happy birthday wishphone calls, feel a bit tired of them, but that’s ok… That’s just the way it goes…”

GIFTS. Former subordinates haven’t forgotten about their ex-boss’s big date. For example, the first deputy head of the Kiev City State Administration Anatoly Golubchenko said that he had been trying to reach Leonid Chernovetskiy on his mobile throughout the day, but he didn’t pick up.

“I wanted to wish him a happy birthday but I could not get through,” said Anatoly Golubchenko. “I wanted to wish him good health, happiness and good luck in everything. I didn’t buy any gift for him, because I think that a person like him obviously does already have all he needs. If I got invited, I would have given him a bouquet of 17 gorgeous roses, which is the symbol of being young at heart.”

Chernovetskiy’s former brother-in-law, a member of the Kiev City Council, Viktor Grinyuk told Segodnya that he has a fitness book as a gift for his ex-relative. “When Chernovetskiy fell in love with photography, I gave him a book about photography for one of his birthdays,” – says Grinyuk. “It was a luxury illustrated book by one of the UK’s well-known photographers. It was really good and Lyonya loved it then. It told in detail about how to make digital photos, how to set shutter speeds… After some time he switched to fishing and I presented him a book with freshwater fishing tips and techniques. He did appreciate it too. And this time, I called him few times, but to no avail – he was abroad. So when I meet him next time I will give him a fitness book, about CrossFit, to be specific – that’s power training. I know that Leonid Mikhailovich is into fitness now.”

And Chernovetskiy’s former deputy Alexander Rzhavsky, who developed a bad chemistry with the ex-mayor’s team after 2008, told us that picking a gift for a billionaire was a real challenge. “Leonid Mikhailovich and I used to have a good time together. For one of his birthdays, I gave him a huge statue of Samson tearing the lion’s mouth, made of thirty kilos of chocolate. Today, I would go for a chocolate owl. A meaningful gift. Owls symbolize wisdom, but owl can’t see in daylight, and sometimes, in spite of its wisdom, it is blind to the obvious,” says Rzhavsky.

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