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Chernovetskiy on Feeling of Space painting by Odessa's Igor Gusev / July 9, 2013

The exhibition According to Forbes hosted by Kiev’s Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine museum is still open. Twenty three Ukrainian artists representing different generations have responded to Forbes’ call and painted pictures sharing one topic.

Curators Yulia Nuzhina and Anton Miller explained that the purpose of the event is to juxtapose two objects of equal significance: a successful businessman and a famous artist. More specifically, Forbes asked Ukrainian artists to depict artistically those people, who appeared on the pages of the magazine at different times and for various reasons.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Leonid Chernovetskiy didn’t like the concept of the picture called Feeling of Space by Igor Gusev from Odessa, where Kiev’s ex-mayor is shown as an astronaut. “This is a crude image, a cliché coined by losers and tabloids, obviously not by the readers of Forbes,” says Chernovetskiy. “Definitely it’s not how the readers see me. But overall I like the picture. The face is painted masterfully and vividly, and the spacesuit is nice… Clearly, the artist has more knowledge about spacesuits than about my personality… If his goal was to impress the mob, then the mission is accomplished. But if his ambition was to portray a personality, he could have at least visited my website. Astronaut is just a part of my personality, otherwise I wouldn’t be #13 in the Forbes list of Ukraine’s richest people.”


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