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Segodnya: Chernovetskiy on construction of his house in Kobuleti, Georgia

I will neither refute nor confirm any rumours about my house in Kobuleti, I’ll just say that I will definitely live and work there.

I think that in three or four months – to save journalists the trouble of going there to report about my “secret plans” – I’ll be able to make photos of the house and the land around it and publish them on my website.

The house will be completely open for observation. The idea of the house is to let people enjoy its beauty, not to fence it off. I’ve always lived very openly. By the way, my house in Koncha never had a fence either.

The house is built not only for those who will live in it, but also for the sake of aesthetic pleasure of all people looking at it. This will be a very beautiful house… It will be open for viewing from the road and from the beach. Shrubs and bushes will be the only kind of fence.

The house is 40% made of glass and is fully open to nature.

There will be nothing super expensive. No gold or diamonds… I’m not used to living in luxury. This isn’t me… So I ask journalists not to look for treasures in the house, it would be a waste of time… Everything is designed in the hi-tech style.

I can’t say the house is inexpensive. The house will have to emphasise my status of a formerly successful banker, head of a large investment company, and ex-mayor of one of the most beautiful and biggest cities in Europe. Until recently, I haven’t had a chance to build a house I’ve been dreaming about. I was always busy.

Editors shouldn’t waste money sending journalists to collect rumours and invent implausible stories. Nothing is hidden from view.

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