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Kiev mayor Chernovetskiy congratulates newly elected President Viktor Yanukovych on his inauguration

Dear Mr President!

I sincerely congratulate you on your assumption of the highest and most important post in the country – the office of the President of Ukraine!

Ukrainians have given you not only their votes, but also their hopes for economic and social stability of the nation, further democratic reforms and promoting civil society. I am sure that you will meet the expectations of the Ukrainian people, who have made a conscious choice and entrusted you with their future.

You have a challenging mission to accomplish – to put right the mistakes of your predecessors. Today you will have to unite the people of Ukraine, overcome the economic crisis, provide young people with jobs, raise living and social standards, promote the country on the international arena.

Some momentous changes are about to happen in Ukraine. I wish you strength and patience in this difficult and critical mission. I hope that in the near future we will all have reasons to be proud of our country!


Kiev Mayor

Leonid Chernovetskiy

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