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Congratulations on February 23rd

Despite historical changes and changing political systems, February 23rd, just as decades ago, is associated with the courage and resilience of the human character, fortitude and devotion to the Motherland. This is an important day for all men who have ever had the privilege to wear military uniforms, as well as for women who waited for their sons, brothers and husbands. This date means something for everybody. Someone thinks that February 23rd is a holiday for all who served in the armed forces. For someone it is a holiday of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who defended the freedom and independence of our country in the terrible years of the World War II. But in any case this day unites real men – honest, strong and courageous, willing to take responsibility not only for their families but also for their business, for their small and large Motherland.

On this day we salute all men – brave, strong, reliable, true patriots of their country. All those who promotes well-being and stability by their daily peaceful work. Preserving and increasing the glorious military traditions, you are contributing to improving people’s lives.

I wish all men good health, happiness, prosperity, inexhaustible energy and peace at work, at home, among friends and relatives.

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