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Congratulations of the Day of Publishing, Printing and Distribution Professionals

Ukrainian publishing professionals have something to be proud of, like the first Ukrainian publishing house started more than 400 years ago in Lvov by Ivan Fyodorov. It operated in 1573–1575 and published Ukraine’s first printed book, The Apostle, in1574, marking the beginning of the printing industry in Ukraine. The history of book publishing in Ukraine has its dark pages too: in 1720, Peter I prohibited publishing books in Ukrainian. There were moments when the Ukrainian book publishing was almost dead, but nevertheless it survived. Even during the difficult period between the first and the second world wars, there were about 50 Ukrainian publishers in Galicia. Today, thank God, Ukrainians can have as many books as they want, although most of them are published outside Ukraine. I believe that soon this industry, supported by the current administration, will begin to grow and Ukrainian books will become popular among Ukrainian book lovers.

I wish health and happiness to all those working in the industry. You are carrying out an important mission – building the spiritual power of the people, raising smart and educated citizens. May your home be always filled with good and understanding!

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