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Congratulations on the Children's Day

Children are the source of boundless sincerity and frankness, sunny smiles and pleasant chores. Children are our most precious treasure, our present and future.

Their future depends on us. Because what we put into our children starting from the first days of their lives – love, justice, respect, compassion, honesty – will return to us a hundredfold.

I firmly believe that together we will do everything we can to protect our children from the bitterness of disappointment and despair. Let’s create a happy world for them. A world free from cruelty, tears and misery. Let’s give them the warmth of our hearts and affection.

I want to believe that every child will choose the right path to find his or her calling, grow a decent person and thank the parents for the gift of life, for care and tenderness.

I wish the young people of Kiev happy carefree childhood, kindness, warmth and health! May all your dreams come true!

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