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Congratulations on the International Customs Day

In November 1952, the Convention establishing the Customs Cooperation Council was signed. On January 26, 1953 in Brussels, the first session of the Customs Cooperation Council (since 1994 – the World Customs Organization) was held, gathering customs heads of 17 European countries. Thirty years later, in 1983, this day was officially made the International Customs Day.

The ideas of the customs community became very popular. A modest organisation with a limited number of European member-states at the beginning, the Customs Cooperation Council soon became a respected international body. Today, the World Customs Organization has 162 member-states.

The International Customs Day is not just the symbol of the international solidarity of customs services around the world, but also a way to attract public attention to the importance of the customs in the economic and social life of a society. It is celebrated by more than 800,00 people, who work in customs worldwide. Ukraine has 18,000 customs officials, who play an important role in regulating exports and imports, generating revenues for the national budget, fighting cross-border crime, protecting the national security and independence.

I am convinced that you will continue to show professionalism, quickly fulfil important government missions of protecting the national economic interests, serve your Motherland and promote the national interests on the international arena.

Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your impeccable service to ensure the economic security of the nation. I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and success in all your undertakings.

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