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Congratulations on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Human qualities and spirituality of any society is how the government treats children, the elderly, the disabled, those who have to face challenges in their lives. Our duty is to take care of those who are weak, sick and decrepit, who needs assistance and support. We all have moments when we need to fight ailments, summon up our will, strength, vitality and patience. The disabled know this better than most of us. We have to remember those who are close to us, who are in need of special support.

I am sincerely grateful to non-government organisations, businesses and volunteers who support people with disabilities, show attention and solace, solve their immediate problems. I take off my hat to their loved ones, whose every day is a feat, as they devote themselves to caring about their family members, supporting them 24 hours a day.

May we always remember those who need our support so much. Sometimes compassion and kind words can help to forget about the ailments and difficulties. Let’s be kinder!

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