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Congratulations on the Medical Worker's Day

With all my heart, I sincerely congratulate you on the Medical Worker’s Day!

Being part of the medical profession has always been the sign of a noble soul, purity of thought and unselfishness of actions. These qualities were passed to you by your great predecessors, who were not only models of the highest professionalism, but also exemplified humility, sacrifice and selflessness.

The Medical Worker’s Day is celebrated nationwide. Respect for healthcare professionals is based on the firm belief that you won’t be left alone in sickness or trouble, that you will also get help from a medical worker.

For you it is a good day to review your achievements, impartially and critically evaluate your work, because health and well-being of thousands of people depend on your professionalism.

I would especially like to address to young people who are just starting out. Your task is to absorb the best of what has been achieved by your predecessors, learn from senior colleagues, become their worthy successors.

I heartily thank you for your honest and selfless work, wish you all, your family and friends health, happiness, professional success, peace of mind and confidence in the future.

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