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Congratulations on the Police Day

Year after year, our police forces have been with the country both in times of happiness and sadness, solving the most challenging and complex tasks, taking the hardest blows. You have always been a shield and a sword for Ukrainians, every day in peacetime you risk your lives fighting crime, but people can always rely on you as their defenders, protectors of law and justice.

In these hard times, your work involves considerable risk. Today, we celebrate and we recall your comrades with sorrow, those who fulfilled their ultimate duty by sacrificing their lives to protect their fellow citizens.

I heartily congratulate you on the Day of Police, who honestly protect the law, for whom weekends and holidays do not exist, who can get called in the middle of the night and rush to protect their fellow citizens. Thank you so much and may you enjoy happiness and success in your difficult and dangerous job. I wish you peace and prosperity to you and your families!

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