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Congratulations on the Defence Lawyer's Day

There is no other profession that could be related to the idea of justice as closely as being a defence lawyer. Defence lawyers, or advocates, are an important part of the mechanism of protection of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens. Today, lawyers have to continuously improve their skills, be efficient, actively participate in promoting legal awareness in the society, with legal aid being of top quality and available to people. For a person who lost hope to find the truth, who became disillusioned with the society and the system, an advocate may become a lifeline that can literally bring you back to life, motivate you to fight. May people appreciate what you do serving the principles of justice, establishing the rule of law, especially given the imperfection of judicial system, when the future of an innocent person may sometimes depend on the lawyer’s talent, charisma and belief in his or her client. I sincerely wish you health, happiness and good luck, new professional achievements and social activities, further progress in strengthening the rule of law and justice!

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