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Congratulations on the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks

For a long time in this country, the highest honour for valour and courage for a man has been to compare him with a Cossack.

The idea of the Cossacks lives on. Although the modern Ukrainian Cossack is not someone who wears baggy pants, but someone who is ready to sacrifice everything for freedom of themselves, their family, their country. There’s the blood of our ancestors in each of us – the blood of free and independent Cossacks. It is the spirit of the Cossacks that has been nurturing patriotism, national identity and pride in our people generation after generation.

The Day of Ukrainian Cossacks is closely connected with the biggest Christian holiday – Protection of the Holy Virgin. I believe that we, Ukrainians, the real freedom fighters, can build a powerful state by joint efforts, and that God’s grace will help us in this endeavour.

I wish you knightly valour, health and inspiration, unity and faith, new victories and achievements for the prosperity of our country. Long live Cossacks!

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