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Day of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces

Dear paratroopers! Please accept my sincere congratulations and gratitude for the diligent selfless service to the Homeland, for the peaceful sky over our heads. You are the personification of courage, heroism and tenacity. Today in Ukraine Air Force is at the forefront of protecting security of Ukraine: they strictly guard the national airspace, successfully carry out missions to protect it and maintain the glorious military traditions.

Paratroopers are the elite of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Courage and valour of the airborne infantry on the battlefields of World War II and in local conflicts are part of the history of our country.

Airborne troops are tasked with special, the most challenging missions, during which the servicemen show their best qualities such as bravery, courage, heroism. Blue Berets are always at the frontline, be it a peacekeeping mission or participation in an anti-terrorist operation.

I sincerely wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and a cloudless sky.

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