Персональный сайт Леонида Черновецкого

Dear employees, the entire creative team of the Khreshchatyk newspaper!

I sincerely wish you a happy birthday – the twentieth anniversary of your newspaper.

For the past two decades, Khreshchatyk has been an efficient news outlet. For many people who live in Kiev a morning starts with reading your newspaper, and the mood of the reader depends on your writing technique, your ability to vividly convey a good news, to report the latest developments in Kiev. Despite globalisation and the ability to quickly learn the news anywhere in the world, it is important that someone focuses on the events in our city, its districts, streets and courtyards.

On Khreshchatyk’s birthday, I would like to wish success and career growth to all members of the creative team and to express my heartfelt gratitude for your work. May your working days be filled with interesting events, exciting meetings and new ideas. Peace and warmth to you and your families!

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