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Dear compatriots!

January 22, 1919 is the day of the proclamation of the Unification Act of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. This date was destined to become a historical landmark and a great national holiday – the Day of Unification.

Celebrating the Day of Unification, saluting the creators of the Unification Act is not just a social need, but also our moral duty to protect the cherished memory of the countless victims that were put by the Ukrainian people on the altar of independence, unification and statehood. We must remember our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who fought for the independence of our country. Remember hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen who formed a “human chain” from Kiev to Lvov in 1990, proving that Ukrainians are a large nation, which, together, can resolve any dispute. They have proved that we are strong and our strength is in our unity around our native country. Today, we have to understand that you cannot build a state tomorrow or the day after – you have to build it today, every day.

Congratulations, dear compatriots. I wish happiness and prosperity to you, your families and our native Ukraine!

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