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Dear People of Kiev!

I sincerely wish you a Happy New Year. This day brings us memories of carefree childhood, busy present and dreams of a better future. These winter days is the time when each of us is hoping for a miracle to happen and each of us believes that his or her most cherished dreams will definitely come true.

I am sure that you will get together to have a holiday dinner, light up Christmas trees with colourful illumination and recall the passing year, which for sure was quite hard and troublesome. But in spite of all the difficulties that we had to go through last year, I want each of you to remember only its positive and bright moments.

We are on the threshold of 2010. May it be generous, happy and filled with plenty of good deeds. I wish that all your plans and hopes for the best come true in the coming year. May the universe give you only goodness and joy, with your path to a happier life lit by the bright Christmas star. While following this path, I wish you to meet only wise, sincere and kind people! Do not let the daily concerns become a burden for your inspired soul!

May the warmth of the Christmas spirit remain in your hearts for the entire year, and God help and protect you.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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