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Dear residents and visitors of Kiev!

With great joy and with all my heart I congratulate you on the day of the biggest Orthodox holiday, the Easter Sunday.

On this day, our hearts are filled with joy and affection for our neighbours. It is the feast of Easter that reminds us of spiritual values. We forget about the bitterness and hardships, forgive wrongs and ask for forgiveness from those whom we have wronged. With renewed vigour our sense of hope is reborn, and we believe that the Lord will inspire and guide us to the right path.

On Easter, we get together with our family and friends to share the joy.

I want to thank you for your support, trust and patience! I wish all of you good health, peace, happiness, good aspirations, prosperity and well-being. May all your dreams come true! May your homes always be warm and cozy. May our parents never know loneliness, and may our children be raised in proper families! Remember Jesus Christ and live in harmony with your conscience. May we live in peace!

Happy Easter, my fellow citizens!

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