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About Prohibiting Gambling

My dear Kiev residents!

Since I was elected the mayor of Kiev, I began to streamline gambling in Kiev.

For the first time in Ukraine, Kiev has developed and adopted special License Guidelines that set stringent requirements for gambling institutions. The next step was passing a resolution on 22 August 2007 by the city council on “Prohibition of Unauthorised Placement of Slot Machines, Other Gambling Equipment and Gambling Institutions in Kiev”.

I have established a city commission to monitor gambling in order to take measures to prevent illegal gambling business.

In the period between 2006 and June 2009, the Commission conducted more than 8,000 inspections of gambling outlets in Kiev, dismantling and seizing over 2,000 slot machines. I personally participated in the destruction of slot machines as I hold them evil, which undermines public morale, with the younger generation being especially susceptible to it.

Given that the problem of regulating gambling business is the responsibility of the federal government, the Kiev City State Administration has repeatedly suggested banning gambling in Kiev and transferring gambling outlets outside the city.

Yet, only after the tragedy in Dnepropetrovsk did the government finally pass a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and later on the Law of Ukraine “On Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine”.

You and I will need to do everything to make the Law “On Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine” work in Kiev.

On 6 August 2009, I signed an order No. 884 of the Kiev City State Administration “On Measures to Ban Betting Terminals and Gambling in Kiev”.

However, the prohibition of gambling only forced these businesses to operate illegally. In most cases, slot machines work at night, and the owners already know their customers, who only come with prior notice.

I remind you that a fine for operating a gambling business is 5 million hryvnias, and this is a good source of budget revenues.

My dear Kiev residents and visitors! If you notice an illegal gambling activity, please report such facts to the Kiev City State Administration by sending an email at [email protected] or calling the Kiev mayor’s call-centre at 15-51. All of your requests will be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the tax service. The city authorities will monitor the reaction of these government agencies to these reports, so a single phone call could bring a significant amount of money to the budget in penalties, if the information about the gambling outlet is confirmed.

Do not ignore this problem, as this issue is key to the moral health of young people, including our children!

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