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Dear teachers!

These days we are celebrating the Teacher’s Day – a holiday that encourages us to recall our Teacher, the one who instilled the love for reading and knowledge in us, who was our guide and mentor.

In Kiev, there are more than 500 educational institutions with almost 228,000 students. Every day, Kiev teachers give these children a piece of their soul, raising responsible citizens of the state. I extend my special thanks to you for your invaluable contribution to rearing the younger generation, and, therefore, building the future of Ukraine. Year after year, you share your knowledge and wisdom to children, you teach them not only to read and write, but, above all, to think. For all our achievements and victories we should give credit to our teachers.

Support and social protection of Kiev’s education professionals will always be our priority. You can count on our attention and assistance.

I sincerely wish you good health, happiness, prosperity, great success and infinite inspiration!

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