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Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War!

Dear liberators!

I heartily congratulate you on the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

Every year on the Victory Day, we look back to May 1945, when the last shots of the largest conflict in human history were fired, and a new joy fills our hearts. Every day, this page of history is moving away from us, and we have increasingly fewer and fewer living veterans, unfortunately. Therefore, today it is very important for us to thank you again for all the losses you incurred, for the childhood that you didn’t have, for your broken youth, and especially for your courage, fortitude and self-sacrifice that you showed in bloody battles for the liberation of you homeland.

Risking your life, you fought to defend your native land, you did your best to advance toward the victory, working hard on the home front and rebuilding the devastated country in the post-war years. It is to you we owe our freedom and peaceful sky over our heads. During all these 65 years, the country has been living and reshaping, new generations have grown up, there are wheat fields and children’s laughter. But we all know that all of this might not have happened. Therefore, no matter how much time would pass, we will never forget the feat of our soldiers! We are eternally indebted to you! We remember what price you had to pay for this victory, to give us life and hope for a happy future.

Dear veterans! On this holiday, I wish you good health and longevity, I want you to be among us for as long as possible, so you can see with your own eyes the life, for which millions of your comrades died on the battlefield. I wish you to never lose optimism and always get the support and understanding of your families during hard times. May the love of your children and respect of your grandchildren inspire and energise you. Your country values you and will always take care of you.

Your feat is immortal: we will always cherish its memory and be forever grateful to you.

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