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 Good day to all internet users! Thank you for your questions in advance, and please forgive me if I don’t have enough time to answer all of them.

When will the people of Kiev get new metro stations and a metro line to Troieschynathey’ve been promised?

Nikolay / 22.07.09 14:41

The plan was to launch a metroline to Troieschyna before 2012, but, unfortunately, the financial crisis made us change our plans. Today, no one will give you the date.

However, the promised metrostations along with a metroline to Troieschyna could be launched very soon, if only the government provided funding, and the Parliament overcame the President’s veto and voted for the financing of UEFA Euro-2012. Today, the budget for these projects is part of the programme to prepare for the UEFA Euro-2012 and is outside the scope of the Kiev budget. I can’t do anything here.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Why does Kiev still lack a modern public transport network in the downtown area, even though many cities in Europe do have it? A modern public transport network is what helpsyou cope with traffic congestion effectively?

Will Kiev have any park-and-ride facilities near metro stations? If yes, then what is the expected time frame?

Alexander Kava / 22.07.09 16:36

Thankyou for your question, this is a pressing issue for us. We conducted a survey and found that, despite a large number of small capacity buses operating in the taxi mode, two out of every three passengers – and that is more than 300,000 people who use public transport in the downtown area – would prefer to have public transport operating in the conventional mode.

Therefore, developing a modern network of routes is underway. We have already built a trolley line along Shevchenko Boulevard and Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, which made it possible to extend No. 8 and No. 17 trolleybus routes to Lva Tolstoho Square. Trolleybus routes No. 12 and No. 40 have been extended to Saksahanskoho Street, the bus route No. 38 has been extended to Khreshchatyk, the number of trolleybuses on routes No. 8, 16, 18 and ​38 has been increased.

Furthermore, we plan to move the trolleybus route No. 5 from the Vinohradar district to Tereshchenkovskaya Street, build trolley lines on Vladimirskaya and Staronavodnitskaya streets, which will allow us to open new trolleybus routes in the city’s downtown area from the Leningradskaya Square and Teremky. We also have plans to launch a number of express bus routes from residential areas Belichi and Teremky, and along Tupoleva Street.

To do this, we need 413 million hryvnias to buy 100 buses and 70 trolleybuses and to build trolley lines.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Why did the city stop buying new trolleybuses and buses in 2009?

Why did Siemens Combino trams, which were presented in Kiev in late 2007, never appear on the streets, even though you said the first batch was purchased in 2008?

Ioan / 22.07.09 16:38

The problem is that to operate European class trams in Kiev you need tram lines that have been renovated using the latest technologies. Moreover, modern European trams need to be adjusted to meet Ukraine’s operating conditions. First of all we are talking about the track geometry and compliance with the Ukrainian regulations. Given the high prices of finished tram cars from European manufacturers, it would be better to make tram cars in Ukraine by assembling components.

We have negotiated with various foreign manufacturers, and the best terms were offered by Germany’s Siemens. A working group consisting of experts from Kievpasstrans and Siemens has developed the concept of building a modern tram car named Combino Plus, adapted for Kiev. Over time, the share of domestic components in tram cars may reach 30-40%, making it 20-30% cheaper compared with foreign-made competitors. The process of adapting COMBINO PLUS trams to Kiev’s operating conditions is almost complete. We are studying the prospects of assembling trams in Ukraine to make them cheaper.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Why the construction on Zdolbunovskaya Street have been ceased and left unfinished, all construction equipment have been removed, while the adjacent Hryhorenka and Urlovskaya streets in places where they meet Zdolbunovskaya Street, were made​deadends with parking lots created where these streets cross with Zdolbunovskaya and Sortirovochnaya streets? And, if asked why these streets were blocked by parking lots, why do they keep saying that there are still plans to resume construction on these streets, which is a big lie?

If these streets are to be deadends, as they are in fact, then they just need be renamed to Zdolbunovskiy dead end, Urlovskiy dead end, Hryhorenka dead end, without stretchingthe reality.

Some time ago Denis Bass said he would be personally responsible for the reconstruction of these streets. Isn’t it time to hold him accountable for this never-ending construction? After all, Zdolbunovskaya Street has to unload the traffic from the Kharkovskoye highway as it is the only road from the Kharkovskaya residential area to the Dnieper esplanade and to Yuzhniy and Paton bridges. People get stuck in traffic jams in Vossoyedineniya Avenue, the only road, and some of the officials are happy with that, apparently taking revenge on residents of Kiev’s Darnytskiy district – perhaps for losing the latest elections?

Vladimir Levin, Kiev

Good day! Indeed, the works on Zdolbunovskaya Street have been suspended due to unresolved land issues with tenants, Energozalіzobeton and Vіbropres. Today, all property issues with these companies are resolved and soon all the construction and reconstruction works will be resumed. Yet, the construction of Hryhorenka and Urlovskaya streets has nothing to do with the construction and reconstruction on Zdolbunovskaya Street, it will be part of the residential property development financed by real estate developers.

Leonid Chernovetskiy


Although somewhat quirky, you are very appealing as a politician. At least you do not try to please everybody and do not feed some lame excuses to the public. When you have a chance, please ask Yulia Tymoshenko to stop brainwashing Ukrainians. And please do not run for President, as you will lose your charm.

Irina / 22.07.09 22:08

Irina, thank you so much for your kind words!

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Will you run for President of Ukraine? If yes, we will support you.

Aleksandr / 22.07.09 14:15

I have an ambition to change the country, my homeland Ukraine, and I’m not giving up. I think that today most people in Ukraine do not understand the Kiev mayor, because after all, for many people, including ordinary working class people, whom I love very much, I’m an unusual person. I think it will take some time for all the people, well, at least for the majority, to understand what I’m doing and what I’m thinking.

There is one more thing I would like to point out: recent decisions of the Parliament and changes in the Constitution have crippled the President’s authority by limiting his power. Running for President without having a powerful faction in the Parliament doesn’t make sense. It would be irresponsible to promise changes that I cannot implement without cooperating with the major political stakeholders. And I’m not quite sure whether I need this cooperation in the interests of Ukraine, and I’m not a big political stakeholder. First I want to run for the Supreme Council.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

I hope that you will run for President, and even though I am from Donetsk, I will be happy to vote for you! Today there is no a better politician in Ukraine and there won’t be a better President than you! Thank you!

Valentin / 22.07.09 14:35

Thank you for your kind words! I’ve already said what I think about the presidential elections :)

Leonid Chernovetskiy

I live in a new house built 6 years ago. My electric cooker is now broken, the stoves aren’t working. This is a trivial thing for you, but in my case it is a problem. I called Vladimir Storozhenko, head of the Housing Department, but I was connected to some Aleksandr Olegovich, who told me that at this time, according to the ruling No. 681 of 12/06/09 of the Kiev City Administration signed by Mr Chernovetskiy, electric cookers are not replaced. I live alone, my husband died in 2006. I hardly make both ends meet so I decided to ask you for help. Repairing the cooker makes no sense, it would cost as much as buying a new one. I’m asking for your permission to replace my cooker, as the house is new. Cookers were installed when people first moved in, they aren’t old. I hope for your decency and humanity, please put yourself in my shoes. I’m always for you. Thank you in advance.

Sofia / 22.07.09 15:00

Dear Sofia! Send me your contact details through my personal website, so we can help you!

Leonid Chernovetskiy

I’m your fan! You are truly a person whoexude calmness and peace. You can dispel the public’s pessimism, which has become rather widespread recently! Are you the real author of your books?

Yevhen / 22.07.09 18:27

Thank you! I am the real author, my third book will be released this autumn.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

The most remarkable thing about you is that one can ask you anything without being punished later. Is this the way you were raised or your life experience?

Philosopher / 23.07.09 1:14

It’s my responsibility. From the moment I became a politician, a public figure, I’m ready for all kinds of questions.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Are there plans to build metrolines to Brovary?

Natalya / 23.07.09 9:24

Hopefully, Kiev’s new development plan will include building Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines to regional centres.

The Centre for Urban Development and Architecture, which is a general contractor for the development of the Kiev development plan until 2025, is discussing building LRT lines to Vasilkov, Boryspil, Brovary and Vishnevoye with the Kiev region authorities.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Just one (and the only) new metro train was put on at the Syretsko-Pecherskaya line – did you just do it to show off? What about the rest?

Tatiana / 23.07.09 9:32

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No.257 of 07/03/2006 has started the Government Programme for the Construction and Development of the MetroNetwork in 2006-2010. This programme, among other things, says about launching mass production of competitive rolling stock, which will stimulate economic growth of domestic manufacturers and reduce Ukraine’s dependence on imports of rolling stock from the CIS countries.

In 2004, the Kryukov Railway Car Building Works started domestic manufacturing of metrocars. In 2006, a pilot five-car train was delivered to the Kiev Metro and started its experimental service on the Syretsko-Pecherskaya line last December. Yet with the summer heat arrived passengers started to complain about stuffiness in the cars, so the train was temporarily withdrawn from service for ventilation system adjustments. On July 24, the train reappeared on the line. At the moment, the Kryukov Railway Car Building Worksis working on a serial production of new cars.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Kiev is one of the most expensive cities in the world although household incomes appear to be similar to those in developing countries. Aren’t you and your team responsible for this? It’s now your and your workmates’ second term in office.

Valeryi / 23.07.09 9:39

You know, you can compare Kiev to New York or London, and complain about low salaries. I prefer to compare Kiev with other cities in Ukraine, and I can say that salaries here are 80% higher than in the regions. I understand that Kiev is the capital, but it doesn’t make me a magician, I cannot make Kiev’s businesses pay their employees European-level salaries. However, I must say that there are people who are very well-paid, and there are more of them here than elsewhere in Ukraine. As for the claim that Kiev is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is not true. Who told you that? There are those who like putting labels on things: they hear someone say “the most expensive” and they start repeating it. Let me give you an example: there is a well-known London-based consulting firm called ECA International, which annually compiles rankings of the world’s most expensive citiesand they ranked Kiev 196th out of 200 other cities. I don’t want people to accuse me of distorting the facts, so I have to clarify that the cities were evaluated from the point of view of tourists, i.e. hotel rates, the cost of living, eating out options, taxi rates, etc. As it turns out, Kiev is cheaper than Warsaw (ranked 193rd), Tashkent (189th), but more expensive than Zimbabwe’s Harare (197th) or Egypt’s Cairo (199th). So do not mislead the public by saying that Kiev is much more expensive to live in, while people earn a lot less. In Europe, food prices are much higher than in Ukraine. The same goes for utility rates.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

You do need to run for President! Ukraine needs a new leader who will change the entire system of the government and, more importantly, who will think about ordinary people. The President of Ukraine should be a modern and a wise politician, and that is you!

Vladimir / 22.07.09 14:09

I am very pleased that you have a high opinion of my business skills and ethics, and that you would like to see me as the President of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, not all young people have been inspired by my revolutionary ideas and actions, but I’m absolutely sure that the number of my supporters is growing every day. My team and other people who support me today will discuss all my plans for my future political career with guys like you.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

When I see you on TV, I feel an admiring envy, there is something about the way you look and speak. What is your relationship with Yulia Tymoshenko? They say you are very “close”.

Aleksandr / 22.07.09 14:14

I believe that I do look good and I’m a good speaker, but you should know that there is a lot of hard work “behind the scenes”. Every day I train my body and my mind, and I wish the same to many other people in Ukraine, especially the young generation.

As for my relationship with Yulia Tymoshenko and other politicians in Ukraine, believe me that for many, many years I haven’t been taking it personally when it comes to politicians. That’s because I’m 58 years old, and I read the Bible every day, and I advise you to do the same, because it would make much easier for you to understand people like me. Hating your enemies is easy, but hatred destroys your personality. Love is the basis for all my relationships. By and large, there are no good or bad people. Some people are mean and some are kind. I’m the kind one.

Subjectively speaking, i.e. from the highest, the Christian point of view, judging people is beyond human mind, it is very complicated. Saying that some person is good or bad would be oversimplification. I can say what I think about any politician based on his or her actions. Well, okay, let’s talk about it later, but I’m glad that you contacted me with your question online and I can feel that you are a good person.

Leonid Chernovetskiy

Don’t you think that you have brought Kiev residents (at least most of them) to their knees? Utility rates went higher, yet most of them are not justified or are simply ignored. For example, the fee for maintaining buildings and adjacent territories covers a long list of services, of which garbage collection ONLY and street cleaning are ACTUALLY done. What about cleaning staircases? What about preparing homes for winter and summer periods? And so on. Let alone building renovations!

And another question. How dare you talk about the budget deficit in the city and at the same time buy an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE car, give you daughter an ENORMOUSLY EXPENSIVE car as a present for her birthday, arrange a birthday party for your wife in Nice? Once in an interview your wife mentioned that she paid $100,000 for a ticket to a charity event. What are we supposed to think while reading this with the country suffering from the crisis? When your beloved old ladies have to cut through the red tape with lots of paperwork and huge queues to get those miserable 10-20 hryvnias (the mayor’s welfare allowance) and somehow make both ends meet?

Mikhail / 22.07.09 14:15

It has never been my goal to bring the people of Kiev to their knees. On the contrary, I believe that everything I do makes people think, take care of themselves and rise from their knees.

I can give you many examples of how young people under my supervision and thanks to my efforts (I’m talking about dozens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of people) became inspired by a patriotic dream, the dream of a better life, so yesterday’s losers turned into successful people which I’m very proud of it. I’m particularly proud of my young team and all that I have accomplished in my life. If you aren’t aware, in the past I used to head many thousands of employees, not only at my bank, but also at plants and a lot of other organisations with dozens and dozens of thousands of people working under my command for a decent pay with a chance to become successful, and they appreciate what I’ve done for them.

With regard to utility rates, I would like to emphasise that utility rates in Kiev during my tenure were and still are the lowest in Ukraine, although standards of living in Kiev are 3-5 times higher than in many other cities of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this fact is not known to you. Let me advice you something: when you are young, making money and becoming successful is better than complaining about how bad things are.

As for the members of my family spending exorbitant amounts of money, this is none of my business. They earned this money honestly, which I hope you would be able to do, and I am proud that my family is successful. As for my expenses, they are very modest, because I was raised in the frugal traditions of socialism and I won’t change. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the rich are the pride of Ukraine, because my homeland cannot become internationally famous for its losers, there are plenty of losers everywhere. It can only become famous for its successful people, not only in business but also in science, art, politics, etc., people who lead the others and follow the philosophy of being successful, helping their followers become successful too. If you can become such a person, then every hryvnia earned and spent by you in public will make me feel proud of you. I wish you luck!

Leonid Chernovetskiy

I hope that you will run for President, and even though I am from Donetsk, I will be happy to give my vote for you! There is no a better politician in Ukraine and there won’t be a better President than you. Thank you!

Valentin / 22.07.09 14:35

I know that many people in Donetsk are willing to support me in the presidential elections, but I think realistically about my chances in any political campaign, I cannot lose and fail those people who would sincerely vote for me. The number of such people is growing every day.

Running for President is not in my immediate political plans, because at the moment the President’s power is limited, unless you have a majority in the Parliament. Unfortunately, I don’t have a faction there, so I decided that I should first become a political force in the Parliament and then run for the President of Ukraine. I think that this will happen very soon, even earlier than planned, because people are tired of living in poverty. They will push for early elections. But I want you to know that I am extremely pleased to be praised by a young guy from the Donetsk region, where my brother worked as a miner for 17 years and where people speak Russian, the language I was born with.

Leonid Chernovetskiy


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