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Kiev City Council approves new regulation for remodelling of residential and commercial premises in Kiev buildings

The new Regulation unifies procedures for authorising remodelling of commercial and residential premises in Kiev. The Regulation contains a comprehensive list of actions and limitations with regard to remodelling, as well as a complete list of documents required to obtain authorisation and grounds for authorisation denial. The regulations state the declarative principle for obtaining authorisation. It means that unless the applicant’s authorisation is reasonably denied within 10 days, such authorisation will be deemed granted.

“Until today, obtaining authorisation for remodelling has been a complicated and lengthy procedure. The Regulation establishes a clear sequence of actions to obtain authorisation for remodelling and putting the site into operation. Moreover, authorisation and commissioning will be free,” said Leonid Chernovetskiy.

The Kiev Mayor also stressed the Regulation will be signed shortly.

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