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Kiev City Council blesses funding for the city's 2012 target programme "Children of the Capital"Kiev City Council session resolves positively on the issue of financing the activities of city’s target program "Children of the Capital" in 2012.

The goal of this decision is to organise productive work to prevent child abandonment, to support rehabilitation of neglected and homeless children, and to create conditions where all children can exercise their right to be raised in a family.

“Funding of the city programme “Children of the Capital” will stimulate preventive and educational activities with children, help to prevent homelessness and delinquency among children and adolescents, provide aid to orphans, children left without parental care and children from poor families, who found themselves in dire circumstances,” said Chernovetskiy. “3.215 million hryvnias will be spent in 2012 to accomplish this.”

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