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Kiev mayor Chernovetskiy signs a resolution "On Awarding the Prize of Kiev Mayor to Single Fathers and Single Mothers"

In 2007, the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetskiy set up an annual cash reward of 2,000 hryvnias for 10 single fathers and 10 single mothers.

The judging panel will weigh the following criteria:

  • the parent’s achievements in child rearing;
  • the parent’s community contributions;
  • the child’s achievements in school (creative, scientific, cultural, etc.);
  • the family’s financial situation and living conditions.

To participate, you have to apply through your district state administrations, community associations and employee organisations.

This year, there were 25 nominees and 18 winners.

“This year, 18 Kiev single parent families who have been successful in child rearing will receive a cash reward of 2,000 hryvnias. I think that winners will know how to use this money effectively to benefit their families,” said Chernovetskiy.

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