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Leonid Chernovetskyi Pays USD 1 Million to Families of Those Killed in the Conflict in Kyiv

“On his Facebook page, Leonid Chernovetskyi informed he paid USD 1 million in compensations to families of those killed in the conflict in Kyiv as of 21.02.2014, regardless of the side the person supported.

“I am shaken by the sacrifices the Ukrainians had to make in the Kyiv conflict. No words can express my pain. I responsibly claim that I have allocated USD 1 million for the families of all those killed as of 21 February. I understand that no money can compensate for the loss of the people they loved and cared about, but I can’t stay out of this. The compensation has already been paid regardless of the side the person supported—be it opposition or government—in the amount of USD 1 million. I can tell a killer from a victim! And people themselves have helped me do that.

My prayers are with Ukraine. I will keep you informed about how things work out,” Leonid Chernovetskyi wrote on his Facebook page, adding that “payments were made by my Social Partnership charity fund.”


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