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Leonid Chernovetskiy to payout 10 million hryvnias to families of victims killed during Kiev clashes

On his Facebook page Leonid Chernovetskiy announced that all families of the victims killed during the Kiev conflict before February 21, 2014 – regardless of which side they fought on, the opposition or the government – will be eligible for relief payments totalling 10 million hryvnias.

“I am deeply shocked by the number of Ukrainian people killed during the conflict in Kiev. I can’t find words to describe the pain I feel! I promise I will pay the total of 10 million hryvnias to families of all the victims who died before February 21, 2014. I am fully aware that no amount of money will replace the loved ones, but I just feel I have to do something! Compensation will be paid regardless of the side a victim supported, the government or the opposition. I can tell a murderer from a victim! And people themselves will help me in this. At the moment, my team is taking care of all the formalities to get the process started.”

“I’m praying for Ukraine! I will keep you informed of any and all decisions and results,” Leonid Chernovetskiy posted on his Facebook page. “Payments will be made by Social Partnership, my charity foundation.”


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