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Leonid Chernovetskiy holds new contest “The best photo in the Ukrainian vyshyvanka” on his Facebook page

Chernovetskiy has announced the start of his new contest “The best photo in the Ukrainian vyshyvanka (an embroidered shirt, a piece of national clothing)” on his Facebook page.

“I welcome you to take part in the new contest.


Ukrainians are now increasingly more united in terms of national symbols, attributes, ideas, etc… Too bad it was the tragic events in our country that prompted me to hold this contest, but we have to look deeper to realize that people who have their values, their attributes that unite them, form a united body, a single nation which would be extremely difficult to conquer, pull down and tear apart. After all, these people are looking in the same direction, the direction of democracy and European values, the triumph of good over evil! In my opinion, this is exactly what the Ukrainians have been lacking for many years…

As for the contest itself: we’re waiting for your photos, dear friends! Be sure to carefully read the contest rules, please note that the participant must be a blood relative of a person depicted in the contest photo. This is important!

And the most important thing: the prizes! This time we have two winning places; the winners will be determined by the contest jury and followers of my Facebook page. The prize for either winning place is a trendy tablet PC.

I hope this contest will bring all of us the positive emotions we are so lacking nowadays. Good luck to everyone!” — he wrote on his Facebook page.


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