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Leonid Chernovetskiy opens first boarding house for children in Kobuleti.

Mr. Chernovetskiy has used his Facebook page to announce the opening of the first boarding house for children in Kobuleti.

“On 23rd of November me and my “Social Partnership” Fund in Georgia have opened our first boarding house for children in Kobuleti. Now 50 children from the needy families living in this region will have the best opportunities for development, schooling and daily living – food, clothing, computer equipment, health care.

Besides, this project is very important to me because the opening of the children’s home marks the beginning of scaling of our activities, since the first children’s home has been successfully operating for several years in Tbilisi at the moment. And I don’t intend to stop, as I have very ambitious plans in fact! Children are the most vulnerable and defenceless members of the society; still, they have the right to have a chance of a bright future and I want to give it to as many children as possible!”



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