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Leonid Chernovetskyi: “I am doing my best for as many people as possible to receive our aid!”

From the very opening of our free canteen, we have been providing hot lunch to people in the direst need: large families, low-income and single old people who can barely pay utility bills from their retirement benefit…

Chefs and other staff of our canteen cook lunch for over 5,000 people and start working as early as at 5 a.m. They are hard at work until late night to make sure that meals are provided to every beneficiary. Visitors to the charity canteen are offered salads, meat dishes and desserts daily. We also have cereals, salads, and meat dressing for the visitors of our Social Patrol points.

“I have recently opened another free canteen in Kutaisi, another major Georgian city. More than 100 people have got tasty and satisfying lunch today! This canteen will soon become one more lifeline for socially vulnerable citizens abandoned to their fate…
I am doing my best for as many people as possible to receive our aid! We try to feed as many people in need as possible since we believe that their life will definitely change for the better,” Leonid Chernovetskyi claimed.

“And I am grateful to thousands of Georgians assisting us in our work with money and personal participation! They have kind hearts and are real patriots of Georgia!!!

My mission is to teach Georgians to take care of each other. To bring those looking for God to Him, as I do believe that no matter how much you pray and go to church, you will never be heard by God unless you lend a helping hand to a person in need!”


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