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Chernovetskiy firmly denies allegations made in TSN newscast on 1+1 TV channel

“I’m deeply offended by yet another shameless and completely false story about myself in Israel, which was broadcast nationwide by the 1+1 television company.

All the so–called facts are completely fictitious and almost illegal: those rigged interviews with people who have never actually seen me, claims that I bought some real estate and jewellery, counterfeiting my signature on some silly drawing, etc.

I regard this heinous “report” as another example of blatantly corrupted journalism. I suspect this has been orchestrated by a notorious tycoon, one of the owners of the TV company, who also used to own a formerly successful private bank in Dnepropetrovsk, one of the richest citizens of Israel, who, according to my sources, is using such methods to advance his political interests by currying favour with one of the new opposition forces led by the famous athlete, with the aim of further promoting his oligarchic business agenda in Ukraine. Obviously, this “businessman’s” bank is not doing great if he resorts to such dirty tricks.

I think that only in Ukraine such “reports” may go unpunished. I absolutely have no idea how I can defend myself and it troubles me.

I only know that every scoundrel in politics, business or journalism will suffer exactly the same amount of dirt and problems that he or she has made to other people. Although I do feel sorry for journalists of the TV channel (serving a scoundrel for money is always disgusting), but I cannot and do not want to justify their actions.

When it had different owners, 1+1 TV channel was famous for its objectivity and responsible approach to gathering information. Unfortunately, times have changed… and not for the better for Ukrainian journalism,” said Leonid Chernovetskiy.

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