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Leonid Chernovetskyi: “We managed to get these children out of bottomless gloom, poverty, and inhuman living conditions!”


Chernovetskyi Charity Fund has been rendering necessary aid to 700 single elderly people and children deprived of parental care in Georgia since 2012.

There are three successful family-type orphanages in Tbilisi and Kobuleti where children from vulnerable families live in comfortable conditions and are given everything they need for proper development: four meals a day, high-quality education, new clothes, shoes and many other things.

“We managed to get these children out of the bottomless gloom, poverty and inhuman living conditions! Now they can hope for the better future and life! And they had no idea what to expect tomorrow just a little while ago!

Here, children are surrounded by continuous care and warmth of childminders.

Children of our orphanage study at school well, go to different sports clubs, take dancing, singing, and drawing lessons. They even have tutors and study foreign languages!

I will do my best to give them a chance to provide for themselves and make an honest living when they grow up! We have recently entered into the agreement with the representatives of Spektr College where our children will be able to pick occupations they like and study free of charge!

I am extremely happy to see how the children who used to be scared, hungry and misfortunate regain confidence in the future, their abilities and, which is most important, in human kindness, with our help!” Leonid Chernovetskyi said.


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