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Dear Ladies!

I sincerely congratulate our mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters on the day of the spring holiday.

March 8 is a symbol of awakening, love and harmony. This wonderful day represents spring, which makes everyone feel hope for the best. This is when the nature blooms, and all people pursue new plans and dreams.

Gifts, flowers, compliments, some nice and sincere words for centuries have been helping men to express their feelings. On this day, many men try to behave as they should have been throughout the year – the International Women’s Day reminds us that you have to deserve feminine beauty.

Women have always been the guardians of kindness, wisdom, hearth and home. You inspire us in joy, support in difficult times, and give warmth. May the attention, care and respect that men show to you on this beautiful day, accompany you on usual days.

Dear women, on this wonderful holiday, I wish peace to your home, bright future to your children, as well as health, well-being, prosperity, happiness, love and be surrounded by men you can rely upon!

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